FOCUSSED Improvement Programs
PEOPLE Development​​
People Training & Motivation
Focussed Modules on People Development:-
. Excellence is a Habit
. Building a great team
. Goal Setting Workshop
. The Servant Leadership
. The Power of Paradigm Shift
. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) 
. Art of Motivating & getting Motivated
. Getting the right communication skills
PROCESS Improvement
Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification 
Focussed Modules on Process Improvement:-
. SMED Workshop
. Creating a Visual Factory
. Designing a Cellular Layout
. 5s Gemba Kaizen Workshop
. Mapping your Value Stream
. WoW - War on Waste Workshop
. Awarness Program on Lean Six Sigma
. Standardization: Making a Perfect SOP
. Step-by-Step towards Single piece flow
. Fundamentals of Kanban Implementation
. TVFA-Time Value Flow Analysis Workshop
PROBLEM Solving​​
Focussed Modules on Problem Solving :-
. The 7 Qc Tools
. CEDAC approach
. Step by Step SMED
. Understanding RIWs
. Power of Gemba walks
. Setting up Quality Circles
. Autonomous Maintenance
. Ohno’s Circle Implementation
. 3M Attacks: Muda, Mura, Muri
. Control charts Implementation
. Visual Management Workshop
. Design of Experiments Workshop
PHILOSOPHY Alignment​​
Focussed Modules on Philosophy Alignment :-
. What is TOC?
.  Strategic Thinking
. Awarness Program on TPM
. Awarness Program on TQM
. Business Excellence Framework
. Overview of Balanced Score Card
. Hoshin Kanri (Policy Deployment)
. Evolving Vision Mission Statements
. Environment & Safety Management Systems